Friday, August 12, 2011

Information Overload... in a good way!

Here was my week in a nutshell.  Monday I had training for my Smartboard.  Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of training for Garage Band, Keynote, iMovie, iDVD, and Photo Booth.  Thursday's training was about web design and Powerpoint, and today was technology with primary grades.  Jenn Long from and Megen Kania from did our training.  All I can say is WOW!  These ladies were fantastic and gave the teachers at my school a lot of great resources and ideas for our classroom.  The big hit was Pinterest.   Thanks again for everything!!

Below is an idea I saw off of Pinterest today.  I did it quickly just to see how it would turn out... not too bad in just 10 minutes.  I don't like the two colors together, but those were the only colors my son had left.  I did the handprints of my family, but I could see this being an art project in school.  I thought the art teacher could trace handprints of students starting in kindergarten up through sixth grade (if your building goes to 6th) and in sixth grade, create this.  If a student moves in, the teacher could just start with the handprints from when that student enters the school district.  It would be a neat visual to see how your child has grown in elementary school.  I am going to do this for my son who starts kindergarten in a couple of weeks.

I make test folders up for my students every year.  My mentor teacher showed me this 8 years ago, and I have done it ever since.  I use an expandable folder with Velcro.  On the front of the folder, I put a label with a note to the parents explaining what the folder is for, a label for the students name, and a Non-Discrimination statement label (required by my school district).  Each week, tests go home for parents to look at and review with their child. Then the tests and folders come back the next day signed.  It is not shown in the picture, but I place an address label below the flap each week with the date and the word signature for parents to know to sign on the label.  When the folders are turned in, I can do a quick check to see if the folder was signed, then look in the folder for any notes later when I file the tests.   Parents love this folder and I have never had a parent ask, "Why did my child get a ___ on her progress report or report card?"  I then have all  the tests filed away and easily ready for a parent meeting. 

The note reads,

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